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Sunday, November 23, 2008

About Logan

Ethnicity: Caucasian & Puerto Rican
Age: 4
Education: Currently learning ABC's and 123
Religion: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Height: Hmmm...He is tall!
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
Interests: Loves to be read to, coloring, riding bikes, going on walks, playing on the slide and swings, picking berries in the backyard, swimming, loves to be tickled and gives lots of kisses and hugs.

Logan written by Mom and Dad

We are also excited to share a little about our son, Logan. He brings so much joy and love to our family. He has such a love for life and definitely enjoys being a little kid. One of Logan’s favorite things to do is cuddle up with mom and dad and read. Even if we’ve read the same books over and over again, he can sit there for what seems like forever just listening, learning, and laughing. He also loves to play outside with his cousins and friends and also enjoys sliding down the park slide and playing on the swings. Another one of Logan's favorite things to do is turn on the radio and dance around the living room with mom and dad. He is so full of life and so much fun to be around.

We have been so blessed to have Logan in our lives and thank Heavenly Father every day for sending him our way. Our lives have also been blessed by getting to know Logan’s birthmother and her family. She is such a sweet spirit and someone we can truly call our friend. We love sharing pictures and letters with Logan's birthmom so she can watch him grown and enjoy life. Logan is so blessed to have such a wonderful birthmom and we want him to know of her love for him and the love of so many others as well.

I am certain that as we welcome a new little baby into our family and home, Logan will be a very loving big brother. He is so full of hugs and kisses and I know he's going to want to share that with his new sibling or siblings. Logan is gentle, loving, always shows concern for others and is such a special blessing to our family. We love him so much.

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