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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Miranda's Family

(minus 1 brother with his wife & 3 children - there has also been 2 baby additions & 1 marriage since this picture was taken.)

I am the 4th oldest from a family of 10 children (yes, we are all from the same 2 parents). I was born and raised in California and lived there till I graduated from college. I feel blessed to have been from such a large family. I can truly say that aside from my husband and son, my family members are my best friends. I grew up in a small community which gave me lots of time to play with and develop great relationships with my siblings.

My parents made sure that each of their children had the opportunity to choose something (sports, music, etc...) they took a particular interest in and afforded us the privilege to excel in whatever it was we enjoyed. I was able to start piano lessons when I was 3 (almost turning 4) and did really well with that until my interests turned toward sports 10 years later. I was always really tall for my age and so when the coaches came to me and encouraged me to get involved, I couldn't resist.

All throughout High School I enjoyed being involved with Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, and Track (High Jump). I even went on to play Basketball in College and enjoyed that as well. For the past few years, I have been involved in a Women's City League Volleyball team and look forward to that ever year.

It is so great to be able to visit with my family now that the majority of us are older and having families of our own. Family get togethers are always HUGE and full of excitement. I treasure the time we get to spend with my family and look forward to every visit.

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