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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kerry's Family

(There has recently been two more baby additions to the family.)
I am the 2nd oldest of 4 siblings. I have one older sister and two younger brothers. I was born and raised in Utah. Growing up, our house was only about 100 yards away from my cousins’ house. They have 9 kids in their family so I knew what it was like to have a lot of people around, at least to play with. We had some acreage so we would spend many hours out running and playing games outside, catching frogs, tadpoles, and snakes, swinging on the swings and riding bikes. For Halloween each year we would pull my Uncle’s flatbed trailer behind his tractor. While enjoying a hay ride, we would drive around to each house in the neighborhood where what seemed like 30 kids and a couple of dogs would bombard each house for tricks or treats.

I also have many, many memories going on vacation with my family. My Parents must have loved to make memories because it seemed like we were always going and doing something together. My Dad would take us fishing to some of the local Hot Spots or Camping up the Canyon, visiting Yellowstone National Park, Boating at Bear Lake, Flaming Gorge, and of course Lake Powell. Naturally a big segment of our lives was boating and water sports. Many of our family pictures were with us dressed in matching Lake Powell shirts or holding a Slalom Ski, Knee board, or an oar with a vista as the drapery to the picture.

Our family has also been really big into Short Wave Radios. Almost all of us are licensed and before cell phones came out, we’d use them to communicate. As a family we’ve won an award for having the most members with licenses.

Sunday’s were a time to visit the Grandparents house. Many Aunts and Uncles on my Dad’s side would bring their families so it would sometimes turn into a weekly family reunion. I was raised being taught that a family that plays together grows in friendship and love toward each other. So appropriately, some of my best friends in life are members of my family and I love them very much.

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