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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Kerry and I LOVE being a mom and dad to such a super sweet and special little boy. We can't imagine our life without him and thank our Father in Heaven daily for sending him our way. As much as we love being parents, Logan is excited to someday have a little brother or sister and talks about it all the time.

The past few years have been especially busy for us in trying to build our family. In July of 2007, we tried to have a baby by trying in-vitro and unfortunately, were unsuccessful. In July of 2008, we found out we were chosen by birthparents in the state of Washington to adopt a baby boy. It wasn't until the morning of placement, while we were in Washington, that we received a call letting us know that the birthfather changed his mind and we would be going home without a baby. Then, in July of 2009, we decided to give in-vitro one last try. We worked with a world renowned specialist from California and were ready to go once again. July was a l-o-n-g month for us filled with shots, medication, surgery, bed rest, and then the two long weeks of waiting to find out if we would be able to have a child or not. Unfortunately, once again, the in-vitro was unsuccessful.

After our experiences over the past two summers, it wasn't the news we were hoping for. However, Kerry and I both felt at peace with the results and knew that we would be blessed with children when the time was right...and we just needed to be patient. We know that we will have additional children someday and that Logan will get to be the big brother he talks about all the time. We have faith in our Father in Heaven and know that we will be able to add to our family someday and will LOVE every minute of it!

Anyway, the reason for this post wasn't to make people feel sorry for us, but more for us to have a chance to share with you our experiences of trying to have children. Life isn't always easy, and we all have our trials. We are just so glad that we have the knowledge that if we will put our faith in and trust in the Lord, then we will be blessed with another child when the time is right. Right now, we are enjoying and LOVING being a mom and dad to the sweetest boy on the earth. We love his birthmother and the sacrifice she made for him and for the most amazing gift she has given us.

The dreaded shots. The first night I was supposed to take the shots,
I sat in the bathroom for 30 minutes trying to convince myself
that I was brave enough to give the shots to myself
(in the stomach). Finally, Kerry convinced me to let him do it.
Although, even after I said yes, it took another 15 minutes for me to
let him. The first shot was kind of scary since neither one of us has
ever given anyone a shot before. However, the shots weren't so bad
after all, and the rest of the shots were nice and quick.

Signing paperwork before extraction of my eggs.

Goofing off with the funny gown I had to wear.

This is what happens when Kerry is left alone in a room
filled with medical supplies for 30 minutes (during my procedure).
I know...he's hilarious!

And, Logan snuggling me on the couch while I was on bed
rest for 3 days. I LOVE snuggling that little boy!

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