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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Special Trip to CA

This past weekend, we headed to CA to visit my family. My oldest sister went through the Temple for the 1st time and we wanted to be there for her special day. Since we were just in CA less than 1 month ago, we decided this trip was going to have be a quick one. So, we packed up our things, arrived in CA on Thursday the 24th. Friday morning we had a Temple session at 9:45 am. There were several of us brothers and sisters and of course my mom and dad who were able to share this day together.

Kerry, My Brother & Dad

My Brother, Two Sisters & Me
(This picture makes me look short, but my sister with
the red hair is actually 6'1" and my brother is 6'7")

Afterwards we went out to lunch with those in the family who attended the Temple. Then we headed to another one of my sisters' home for a celebration party with family and friends. The food was delicious...Tri-Tip, Chili, Salads, Rolls, Chips & Salsa and of course Cake! My mom is such a GREAT cook! After the party we all headed to my nephews' football game. He is a Senior in High School this year and so it was fun to go and watch him play a game. Their team is ranked #1 and of course they won the game that night. My sister had a football T-Shirt for everyone to wear. Logan LOVED hanging out with his cousins and played with them the entire game.

Logan with 2 of his many cousins

Grandma & Grandpa enjoying the game

Kerry and I together!

The next day we were all tired from the previous day of events, and so since we were leaving that afternoon, we decided to hang out at my oldest sisters' home so we could visit and swim. It was definitely a short visit and the drive was long, but we had a great time and were happy to be there to share the special day with my sister.

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