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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All Dressed Up

Kerry and I are pretty good about letting Logan pick out what clothes he wants to wear unless we're going somewhere kind of important. So, the other day, I asked him to go put on his play clothes and this is what he came out of his room wearing. After a brief conversation and Logan reassuring me that everything matched (since his shirt and pants both have blue on them and the tie had lines just like his shirt) I couldn't make him change. Besides, the only place we had to go that day was a quick trip to the grocery store. He was so proud of his outfit and he wore the tie all day. I do have to say he was the hit of the store. He had several ladies comment on how nice his outfit was. It was definitely an interesting combination of clothing to say the least, but so funny and cute as well. I thought it warranted his very own blog entry. So, this one is for Logan. We LOVE you!

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