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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day

The 4th of July is always a fun day for our family. We are always up early (sometimes too early) to watch a TON of Hot Air Balloons lift off. We are able to walk around on the field as their filling full of air and it's amazing to see how they actually work. I think as much as Logan enjoys walking around the field and checking everything out, I think Kerry might love it even more. Once we've had a chance to watch the balloons, we head over to the city parade where there is LOTS of entertainment, treats and fun! Once the parade was over, we headed back home for an afternoon nap. We had been up early for the balloons and knew we would be staying up late for fireworks, so we all enjoyed some down time so we would be rested for the rest of the activities. The entire evening was spent with our family close by. We enjoyed a delicious bar-b-que and then fireworks. Logan loved running around with his cousins and spending time with them. We love the 4th of July and the traditions we have together as a family! Here are a few fun pictures of our day together... (I forgot to bring my camera for the fireworks and bar-b-que, so there's not too many pictures).

Yes, I was there that early in the morning...
someone had to take the pictures. :)

Here's Logan admiring Star Wars characters during the parade

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