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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Photos

Here are a few random, but cute/funny pictures we thought would be fun to share...

Logan getting ready to swim in the backyard...showing us his muscles.

Logan has this fascination with Indiana Jones because of
a game he played a while ago. So, he comes out of his
room and says, "Look, I'm dressed like Indiana Jones."
We had to giggle a little, but were actually impressed because
his outfit is pretty close to what Indiana Jones would wear.

And of course, our Pirate Logan. He LOVES
to dress up in different costumes/outfits! I can't
wait to see what he wants to be for Halloween!

Beard and mustach, courtesy of Kerry. He is the
artist in the family. Logan LOVED it!

Logan had a blanket that he absolutely LOVED and
would carry around the house all the time. It was very
well used and was pretty much falling apart. One day, he
willingly decided it was time to throw his blanket away
and so of course Kerry and I said ok. The first few nights
without his blanket, he decided he needed a stuffed animal
to sleep with and so this is Logan snuggling with his yellow bear.
I'm so glad we didn't force him to give up his blanket and that
he decided when he was ready. Now, he doesn't sleep
with anything and is getting to be way to grown up.

I'm not sure where Logan picked this up at...it must
have been all of the sports games we've seen with the cheerleaders
or something like that. Anyway, Logan decided he wanted to
show mom and dad what the girls do. So, take a look...

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