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Thursday, December 10, 2009


So, I am all about emergency preparedness and over the past few years I have really tried to not only beef up my food storage but emergency supplies as well. On the top of my list last year was a Global Solar Oven. So, with LOTS and LOTS of research, I finally found the best solar oven available and for the best price as well.

After I ordered it and the box arrived on my doorstep, the solar oven was placed downstairs and I kind of forgot all about it. I recently had the opportunity to attend a solar oven cooking class at my local grocery store after which I was re-committed to using my solar oven. It's not only great to have and know how to use in case of an emergency, but it's great to cook with year around as well. You can cook with a solar oven as long as the sun is shining. So, a few weeks ago, I pulled my solar oven out of storage and used it for the 1st time. I was kind of low on prep time for a meal, so I threw in to a pot what I would normally throw into a crock pot for a Sunday meal after church (pork, potatoes, carrots, onion, carrots, cream of mushroom soup, etc...). So into the solar oven it went and a few hours later...ta da....dinner was served.

We were so excited to have dinner already done and to see how great the solar oven really worked, that we had to try it again the next day. So, after a few hours of cooking outside...dinner was served once again. This time I had made a chicken pot pie dish that I found online. So Yummy! I have yet to try to bake cookies or bread in the solar oven. However, if we have a nice sunny day anytime soon, I may make that my next quest.

This is a close up of the pot inside of the solar oven...cooking away by the SUN!

Anyway, I would never have thought I'd be so excited about cooking...especially in a solar oven. But, I couldn't tell you the relief and self of security I had when I actually cooked my first meal in the solar oven. It's just one more thing to help me feel prepared in case at any point in time I don't have the luxury and convenience of using my oven or microwave to cook meals for my family. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a LOT of use out of it in the summer time too. I don't know about you, but using my oven is the last thing I want to do when it's 100 degrees outside. I think I'll just let the sun do the cooking for me.

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