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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Fun

I've had several friends and family ask me when I was going to update our blog. I hadn't realized that it has been several weeks since our last post. The funny thing is, we haven't gone anywhere or done anything that would keep us from writing. We've just been busy with the every day events of life (playing, bar-b-ques, swimming, etc...). So, here are a few favorite photos from our last few weeks. Enjoy...

Our Garden - this is our first year planting a garden
in our new home since we moved here last year and
it took practically all summer to landscape the yard.
We weren't really sure how well certain plants would
grow in this area, so we planted a LOT of things. So far
everything has been growing really well except for the
watermelon. So, our garden is going to be a little crowded
this year and we are going to have lots of food - which
our family, friends & neighbors will LOVE.

Logan on the trampoline playing after we just
went swimming. Wow, the water was cold!
This is one of his favorite places to be.

Logan is taking swimming lessons this year for the first time.
He loves the water and LOVES swimming. His teacher
is so great with him. I was kind of bummed because
we missed the mommy & me class by 1 year (it's for 3 & under).
So, this year I get to watch him take lessons and then
we can go swimming in the pool together once lessons is over.
He is currently in his 2nd week of lessons and is doing great!

Another one of Logan's' favorite things to do outside
is to ride his bike or scooter. We asked him to make
a cool pose and this is what he came up with. hee hee

Our super sweet and amazing little boy - learning
& growing every day! He is growing up too fast!

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