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Friday, June 26, 2009

Swim Lessons

Today was Logan's last day of his first round of swim lessons for the summer. He is taking lessons two times this year and each session lasts for 2 weeks. Since today was the last day of lessons, the kids were able to jump off the diving board and play on the slide. Logan had no interest whatsoever to jump off of the diving board...but he did manage to go down the slide. He just made sure he was on his teachers lap. Here are a few pictures from his last day of swim lessons (at least for the first session).

This is Logan under the water. The first few lessons
he didn't want to put his head under at all, but after a few
days, he decided he really liked it. So, here he is showing off.
Logan getting ready to go down the slide again.

After two weeks of very basic swim lessons, Logan passed the class and is ready to move on to the next level. YEAH!!!

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