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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bar-b-que Time

Since Spring is officially here and we are near the completion of landscaping our backyard, we thought we'd enjoy a night of roasted marshmallows using our fire pit. Last Saturday morning (1 week ago), Logan and Kerry spent the morning fishing. Logan was excited to report that they caught 3 fish, although they let 2 go because they were pretty small. He was so excited to come home and show me his catch. So, guess what we had for dinner that night. Yes, you guessed it...Fish. It was Yummy and even Logan enjoyed it. Logan and Kerry also came home and surprised me with strawberry plants and flowers for the yard. Logan was also very specific about where he wanted me to plant the pretty flowers he brought home for me. They ended up in a planter pot on our front porch....so CUTE!!!

Logan and Daddy's catch!

Snack Time

After a fun morning of fishing with dad, we decided we'd spend a few hours working on our backyard. We're getting closer to being done and I am happy to report that all we have left to do is get a few loads of mulch for the flower beds and garden area. Then we'll have the entire rest of spring, summer and fall to enjoy the backyard. YEAH!!! I'm so glad we worked hard last summer when we moved in to our new home so we can enjoy being outdoors and so Logan can have a fun place to play. After a full afternoon in the sun, we decided that we'd give our fire pit a try for the first time since we just finished it a few weeks ago. So, with roasting sticks and marshmallows in one hand and chocolate cookies in the other hand, we enjoyed a tasty treat. We had so much fun together as a family and even had several people the next day at church ask what we were doing in our backyard. We had such a great time, that we invited Kerry's family over for a hot dog roast and potluck the next day for Sunday dinner. We enjoyed the fire pit we built at our last home as well and so I'm sure we'll spend lots of time around it in our new home as well. Here are a few pictures of our fun time together as a family. I wouldn't want to spend my Saturday evening any other way than having a fun time with those who I love.

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