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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Here are a few fun comments from or conversations with Logan...

Mom: "What did you learn about at church today?"
Logan: proudly shows me the picture he colored during class
Mom: "What's that a picture of?"
Logan: "Adam and Steve"
Mom: trying not to laugh, "You mean Adam and Eve"
Logan: "Yep...Adam and Eve"

Logan: "Mom, what's got com?"
Mom: "what?"
Logan: "you know like your website."

"Gur-prise" = Surprise

"Grill" = Girl

"Chotty-Chops" = Karate Chops (like back massage)

"Packback" = Backpack

While looking at pictures from Miranda's phone he asked, "is this for your blog?"

Logan: "You're a Tootie da Tootie!"

Dad: "...then one day you can get married too."
Logan: (thinks) "Do I have to wear a fancy shirt?"

Logan: (Toots)
Dad: "Logan!"
Logan: "sorry, I'll make my bum stop."

Logan in reference to his toy cell phone: "When I'm at preschool and the phone rings, if it's a boy or a girl, just talk to them....ok."

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