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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Fun!

So far today we've had lots of fun getting ready for and celebrating Easter. This morning we were up early for an Easter breakfast and egg hunt at our church. We enjoyed pancakes, bacon and eggs with our friends and then the kids were able to go on an Easter egg hunt inside the building (since it was raining outside). Here is Logan finding a few eggs.

He spotted one behind the door - all
of the other kids had missed it.

After the party Logan was excited to see all of the treats that were inside of his plastic eggs. It's candy time! Actually he doesn't really have that much of a sweet tooth. In fact, we still have a ton of his Halloween candy left from last year. He'll just eat a few pieces and be perfectly satisfied.

After the party, we decided to sit down as a family and decorate Easter eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide tomorrow. I'm glad we didn't make them earlier in the week because now our fridge smells like eggs every time the door is opened.

The beginning

A work in progress

Logan wrote his name on the egg which
I am super impressed with because it's
a wax crayon that goes on clear. Not bad huh!

Kerry's eggs or should I say "eyes." hee hee

Almost finished

For my sweetie & best friend!

The finished masterpiece!

Happy Easter!

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