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Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference Weekend

We have a family tradition of going camping on conference weekend. We pack up our gear and head to a lake a few miles away from our home and enjoy the outdoors while listening to conference on the radio. It's so great to be able to lay down on a blanket in the sun or to sit by the lake and fish while listening to the words of the prophet and other church leaders. Saturday evening, Kerry and all of the other guys head back into town for the Priesthood session while the ladies enjoy time with each other and the kids. This year because the weather was snowy, rainy and cold, we enjoyed conference from the warmth of our home. We love being able to listen to conference and after each session, we feel so blessed to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We love that we are able to listen to a true and living prophet who guides us and helps us to strive to be better so that we can live with our families for all eternity. We truly are blessed. Anyway, here are a few things we did this conference weekend.
I started this lap quilt Saturday during the afternoon
session of conference and finished it Sunday morning.
I made this quilt from all of the free T-Shirts
we received at the basketball games. We're
hoping to take the quilt to the game and have
all of the players sign the blank white squares.
Wish us luck! Logan was so excited about the quilt.

Logan and dad getting ready to race cars in-between
sessions of conference on Sunday afternoon.

Logan racing his car and LOVING IT!

Daddy and Logan - Best Buddies!

Logan & Daddy racing cars

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