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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Better Luck Next Time

Ok...here's the thing. I LOVE to sing. But, I don't really enjoy singing where other's can hear me. I don't mind singing with groups and I don't mind singing in front of Kerry and Logan...but that's about it. So, this past Sunday we were getting ready to have company for dinner and I was busy getting things done in the kitchen and of course I was singing. Kerry's been trying to get me on video for years, and so this past sunday was no different. Luckily I spotted him in time, and so his attempt failed. Here he is tyring to get me to sing and I'm hiding in the pantry. hee hee. At the end you'll hear Logan trying to defend his mom and trying to snatch the phone which is doing the recording. Enjoy!

Failed attempt at trying to record me singing

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