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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kennecott Utah Copper Mine

It was family day on August 1st at the Kennecott Utah Copper Mine, where one of Kerry's brother works, and so we were invited to attend. We didn't have to persuade Logan too hard to want to go since it has two of his favorite things...BIG Trucks & BIG Tractors. When we arrived, we were given a backpack with some fun things for the kids to enjoy (coloring books, crayons, chap stick, etc...) and then we made our way to the BIG Trucks! They had a few of their trucks and tractors on display which Logan LOVED! The best part was that they allowed people to climb on to and walk around on the top of the trucks where the drivers usually are. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice lunch and ice cream before heading back home! We had a GREAT day and enjoyed spending time with our family and climbing on the trucks. I think this must be Heaven for all little boys...and probably some daddy's too. Here are a few fun photos from our day...

This was our group of those who were able to attend!

This is a Caterpillar D11R. It weighs 124 tons!
It is 15 feet tall, 34 feet long, & 20 feet wide. HUGE!!!

My two boys lovin' it!

This is Logan and one of his aunts sitting in the
driver seat of a Komatsu Truck.

There is Logan at the bottom of the truck by the tire.
Again, this is a Komatsu Truck which can hold up to 320 tons
(22 school busses). This truck costs as much as 103 new cars.

Logan and Kerry climbing down from the Komatsu Truck

That's one BIG truck...that's all I have to say!

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