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Monday, August 17, 2009

The County Fair

Last Saturday we didn't have a whole lot going on and so we decided to head over to the County Fair to see what fun things were happening there. Of course once we arrived, Logan quickly spotted the tractors. So, we had to take a couple of photos of those. Logan thought the Pink tractor was pretty cool. Maybe we'll have to convince Grandpa in CA to get one so Grandma can go out and join him while he's playing in the dirt.

The PINK Tractor

Logan showing off the newer model of tractor

They had a fun little tractor for the kids to drive.

Next we headed to see all of the animals. They had cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, roosters, bunnies, and a few other animals. The chickens and the sheep were Logan's favorites.

They also had huge displays of different sorts of entries for the fair. They had all sorts of fun things to look at including; clothing, quilts, decorations, books, and even food. Well, after walking around for a while, Logan found the LEGO display. Apparently there was some sort of Lego club or association that had a huge display of Lego's up for everyone to see. We probably spent at least 20 minutes there checking out all of the fun things they've made. Logan has a thing for Lego's lately. That's all he wants to play when he goes to Grandmas here in UT.

Logan insisted I take this picture.
He thought it was a pretty cool Lego Man!

They also had some pretty fun activities for the kids. Logan was able to make a hat, a top (those toys that spin), and he also hadhis face painted...a basketball or course.

UDOT was there to remind kids about being safe. So, here is Logan trying to drive the remote control truck and stay between the lines. He kept asking if he was going to be able to take the vest home.

And, finally after a fun afternoon, we are headed home. Actually, before we headed home, we went to the grocery store to pick up a free cake Logan had won during a cake walk they had for the kids. YEAH for Logan!

Can we keep him?

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