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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Apples and Fun!

Well, today we had planned on working on our backyard. We still need a few loads of mulch for the garden and flowerbeds and wood chips for the playground. However, we woke up to puddles of water outside and it was still raining by the time we got out of bed. In fact, it seemed like it pretty much rained the entire day. So, since the weather wasn't very cooperative with us we decided to spend the day doing other things instead.

We watched Horton Hears a Who (one of Logan's favorites), went shopping, planted a few more strawberry plants in the yard (when there was a 5 min break in the rain), played games, and of course made yummy treats. We had several apples in the refrigerator that were starting to get soft and not one of us in this house enjoys soft apples. So, we decided to make an apple dessert. We made two batches...one for us and one to share with a neighbor. After making the dessert, we still had plenty of apples left and so we decided to make some apple pie filling and bottle them to add to our food storage as well. Tomorrow after church we're going to our friends home for dinner, so we may just have to bring apple pie for dessert. Yummy! Anyway, even though we didn't get anything done today that we had planned, we still had an enjoyable day spending time together.

An apple dessert I made from one of
my recipe books...I don't even remember
what it's called. But, it sure was tasty!

A few of the jars of apple pie filling.

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