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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sprinklers and Snow Cones

As I've mentioned in previous posts, it's definitely starting to warm up here in Utah which means it's time to turn on the sprinklers. Today we spent the later part of the afternoon adjusting the sprinklers in the backyard. We had them installed last year, but by the time we were done with the majority of the landscaping (since we did most everything ourselves) it was the end of the summer and we didn't need to use the sprinklers anymore. Most of the watering, we just did by hand. So, today was the first time we've actually used our sprinklers since they were installed last year. Kerry was such a trooper and made all of the proper adjustments that the sprinklers needed (along with moving a few too) so that the lawn, plants, and garden all had great water coverage. By the time he was done, he was soaking wet and super muddy. After all that fun in the yard, we had dinner and then headed down to the nearest snow cone place for a yummy treat. Here are a few photos of our fun day! We LOVE Saturdays!

Here's Kerry moving the 1st sprinkler
after having adjusted a few others.

Logan had a blast running through the
sprinklers while Kerry was adjusting them.
Anytime I say he can put on his swim suit,
he goes strait for the goggles. Cute huh!

Kerry needed a place to set the dirt so it
wouldn't get all over the grass, so he grabbed
the closest thing to him. hee hee

Logan & Mommy taking a break
while Daddy cleaned up.

Our colored tongues from the snow cones.

Yes, we ate them all...they were delicious!

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