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Friday, May 1, 2009

Basketball Time!

We LOVE basketball at our house! Kerry played while growing up with family and friend and different leagues and I played all throughout high school as well as in college. We were so excited when Logan started to show an interest in the sport as well. Our friends approached us and asked if wanted to get season tickets with them to the NBA D-League Team here in Utah. We thought it would be a great opportunity to get out and spend time together as a family and to give Logan exposure to Basketball as well. So, of course we said Yes.

We have absolutely LOVED having something so fun to do when we'd normally be stuck inside since the season is during the cold and snowy winter, and Logan is learning so much about the sport as well. We have a basketball court (1/2 court anyway) in our backyard and every time we go outside he has to shoot around for a while and pretend his team is winning...even if he's not really playing anyone. I do have to admit, he has quite the shot for a 4 year old.

We decided with all of the free T-shirts we received during the season (which all were too big for Logan) we'd use them to make a quilt so that he would have something to remember all of the fun we had at the games. So, I went to work and did my best to come up with a design for the quilt with the shirts we had. There were only a few games left in the season and we wanted to get all of the players signatures on the quilt, and so I had to make the quilt fast. The team owner was so kind to take our quilt and have all of the players sign it before one of their last games of the season. We were all pretty excited about that and even more excited that our team did so well this year. GO FLASH!

Logan with his quilt and a signed game basketball
shoe from Kosta Koufos (re-assigned from the
Utah Jazz for a few games).

Kerry and the Mascot with the quilt

Court side seats for a game.

Flash player Ronald Dupree, Logan and me

Flash player Kosta Koufos, Logan and me

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