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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Spring is here and we are loving it! It's been so nice outside lately we've been taking advantage of the weather and having fun in the sun. Here are a few things we've been up to the past few days...

Water games with friends & mom.
I had the hose...hee hee

Logan laughing just after I sprayed him.

Kerry borrowed his grandpa's tractor and trailer
so we could take the many loads of mulch
and wood chips that were dumped in our driveway
into the backyard to finish our landscaping. I thought

that was a much better idea than bringing 1 load
at a time in a wheelbarrow. Isn't that the coolest tractor!

Of course Logan wanted to climb
on top of the tractor for a picture with dad.

Friday night was the Father & Son's outing with our ward. We needed to be up early on Saturday to attend Kerry's grandpas funeral and so the boys decided not to sleep over at the campsite. Instead they spent the evening fishing at the campground with the ward and then came home and pitched a tent in the family room. Logan was so excited to still get to "camp out" and think Kerry was pretty excited to enjoy camping in a warm house. It was so cute to see them snuggled up inside the tent "camping".

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