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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dinner Time

Yesterday we spent practically the entire day working in the yard. On Saturday we had brought the wood chips for the playground area into the backyard, but ran out of daylight to get them into the playground area. So, yesterday was a day full of weeding (lots and lots of weeding) and then laying down weed fabric, and spreading out 4 cubic yards of playground wood chips. By the time Kerry arrived home from work, I hadn't even had time to think about dinner. We were all super hungry and so dinner needed to be something quick and tasty! So, we all gathered together in the kitchen and decided to make bar-b-que pizza with our leftover chicken from Sunday's meal. Here is our work in progress...

Logan rolling the pizza dough into place

Kerry cutting the chicken into small strips

Logan and I pouring bar-b-que sauce onto the crust

As I was getting everything onto the pizza,
Kerry and I glanced over at Logan and found him
nibbling on the block of cheese. We had to have
a little talk about having us cut a slice for him instead
of eating the entire block of cheese. hee hee

I had intentionally left the camera lying out so I could take a picture of the pizza when it was done baking. However, we were so hungry, I completely forgot until Logan had 1 bite left. So, you'll just have to image how tasty it looked. Yummy!

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